Friday, December 16, 2011

We May or May Not be Hauling Rocket Parts

Goal to New Orleans: 1865 miles
Paddled since last blog: 161 miles
Total paddled: 700 miles
To go: 1165 miles
Current location: Nathan Bedford Forrest Tennessee State Park
Granola bars consumed since last blog: 8
Total: 74
Fun Size Snickers: 4 more bars
Total: 35
Days paddled: 29

We are having a tent day in the lovely state park about 120 miles west of Nashville, Tennessee. Still on the Tennessee River, we are just waiting for Kara's friend Annica's weekend to start so we can go hiking... Hopefully our legs will be able to handle that (and in rubber boots!). We are early because we have had current since Pickwick dam, about 100 miles. Wah hoo!

We've been having some great campfires. As y'all know, campfires are community builders and thought provokers. We've been pondering life's mysteries including, but not limited to, what these broads will do between adventures and rabies. Campfires have also facilitated:

Paddling Lesson # 57
Don't cut your palms with firewood because paddling requires healthy palms.

Another kayaker?! As we were leaving Florence, Grandma said, "Maybe you'll see another kayaker today!" We scoffed. Low and behold after 450 miles of no kayak sightings, we met Ed, a local out for a Saturday paddle. We excitedly paddled towards him to say hello. After a nice chat we parted ways, then he shouted back a lunch invitation, "Are you broads hungry?" We elected to keep paddling.

Many of our adoring fans have been asking what we think about all day. Here lately we've been dreaming about owning shit like islands, riverfront lots, peninsulas, house boats, duck blinds, and beer. We enjoy discussing not what these belongings will do for us but what we will do for them. During one of these musings, we were awakened from our daydreams by a big ass weird boat quickly coming around a corner. So curious was this boat that we looked it up on our Smart Phone and rejoiced in knowing the Delta Mariner carries rocket components for NASA! We also found out that it only takes it about 50 hours to get from New Orleans to Decatur, Alabama (takes us 1.5 months going downriver!). Dang!!

Special shout out to all those finishing semesters at school right now. And remember

Paddling Lesson #34
Try not to get Beggar's Lice in your underwear.
Kara with Grandma Hruby in Florence, Al
Delta Mariner!
House prospect
Excited about Ed, the only other kayaker we've seen


  1. Grew up at Pickwick... loving the lessons. keep them coming please

  2. love you two! thanks for hanging out! found the blog :)

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  4. WOW! What an update. Thank you for the insight and details. Here on "dry land" we had our basement flood with sewer water....really would have rather had a different type of "water" experience this week. Thankfully it was an easy fix and we are in the "drying" phase. But never fear your home will be in tip top condition when you return.

    Wishing you best of luck and be glad that sewers are not involved in your adventure. Or at least that's the plan right?

    Love you adventurous ladies and paddle on!