Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ambient Sounds

Goal to New Orleans: 1865 miles
Paddled since last blog: 278 miles
Total paddled: 1332 miles
To go: 533 miles
Current location: near Lake Providence, LA on the Mississippi River
Granola bars consumed since last blog: 17 Total: 121
Fun Size Snickers: 2 more bars Total: 45
Days Paddled: 47

We left Memphis on December 31, 2011. That night we saw fireworks "waaaay out there." We can see really far because it is so flat! We were inspired by how festive they made us feel so saved our daily allotment of Lindor chocolate balls for midnight. We woke up at midnight and counted down then watched the ball(s) drop.

Then on New Year's Day we met with Team Shannon who had gone to the Liberty Bowl (Go Dores!) the day before. We had a tailgate in the Fitzgerald's Casino parking lot in Tunica, Mississippi.

We have left Arkansas so hopefully Liddell will stop singing:
"Arkansas, Arkansas, I just love old Arkansas.
I love my Ma, I love my Pa, but I just love old Arkansas"

We have finished our longest read aloud book, "Rising Tide," and though we don't play favorites, this is one of our top four thus far on the trip. The book was completely based on the lower Mississippi so we enjoyed paddling right by places we were reading about.

Paddling Lesson 87
Don't paddle under bridge construction.

After paddling by Greenville, MS, we chose a campsite near a parked barge. While reading "Rising Tide" a tugboat with 42 barges pulled up right off shore of our campsite and shined bright lights on our campsite for about an hour. Though it was difficult to tell with lights in our eyes, we believe that smaller tugs came and took one barge at a time from the large tow. But again, it was extremely difficult to comprehend the process. Then, we were awakened by the loudest closest motor y'all have ever heard. Though only 5:45 am, we considered getting up and leaving because we wouldn't be able to sleep more. We were happily surprised when we woke up at 7:45 (with the motors still loud). Apparently the ambient sound helped us sleep through our alarm. We packed up and it was a little disconcerting having captains in 3 tugs watching the whole morning routine. One of the tows was so close, Kara nearly hit it when getting off the beach. That one had barges with liquids and every barge had its own engine that was big and loud.

Paddling Lesson 46
Don't camp near parked barges.

We've seen some large birds of prey and think that they may be immature bald eagles... because of the farting.


  1. Hey friends!
    Thanks again for keeping up posted on this adventure. Last night we were talking about how great it is that you are rocking it out on the water this way. (We also made some bets about how big your arms were going to be as compared to your legs :) cannot wait to update at papa's and beer with y'all.
    Love ya.

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